The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 22


Verity has a solo show today, a shorter podcast than usual but all your usual segments are there so don't you worry your beautiful WAFL loving minds! She does a rundown of the games, has a chat to East Fremantle player Matthew Jupp about the heartbreaking loss to Claremont over the weekend and of course tipping, ladder and games check and 'What Ifs'.


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 21


This week the girls take over!!! What a ripper round and we have the show to match. We discuss the games; have a chat with Claremont development officer Kepler Bradley about the absolute nail bitter that was the West Perth vs Claremont game. Tipping is heating up with a draw for first and we have fun with the “What If” segment.


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 20


As finals approaches and the teams look for glory in September, we're here just having a great chat and a few laughs. Subi continued their dominate form against West Perth and we speak to the Falcons head coach Bill Monaghan in the wake of their loss. Peel defeated East Perth in the battle of the alignment clubs while Claremont got the win over Swan Districts and South Freo were too strong for Perth. Tipping is back as always along with our new segment WAFL - What-ifs? Listen to find out what it's all about.


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 19


Not long left in the regular season, but there's still plenty of fun to be had on The Monday WAFL. It was the Freo derby and South Fremantle got the win over a gallant East Freo while Subiaco are cruising along out on top of the ladder after a big win over Swan Districts. Claremont upset Peel Thunder while West Perth got the home win against Perth. We talk to Nick Rynne from the West Australian, tippping is getting very interesting and a brand new segment introduced right at the end. Enjoy.


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 18


Episode 18 is here!!! We are starting to get closer to finals and its showing in the final scores of last weeks matches as there were all pretty close which makes for some great footy. This week we run through the games, have a chat with 6PR sports reporter and ex-Monday WAFL host Jake Battrick and of course there's Birchy's tipping.


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 17


Half the usual amount of WAFL games week, but double the news, views, analysis and laughs on the Monday WAFL. East Perth got the win in the big derby against West Perth, and we've got the number one ticket holder of the Falcons Basil Zempilas on the show in the wake of the the loss to discuss all things WAFL and West Perth. Peel Thunder convincingly beat East Fremantle who now slip to their fourth straight loss. Birchy's tips, ladder review and plenty more!


The Monday WAFL Episode 16


Wild weather alongside some wild results! HUGE upsets this week and we have all the details. A big win by Perth who could possibly be in the running for finals - first time in decades. A run down of the rest of the games, quick chat with fellow waflers, and the chance to WIN YOUR TEAMS MERCHANDISE. Enjoy!


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 15


It's getting serious in the WAFL as we get closer and closer to finals time, and we're getting serious here at the Monay WAFL... Not really. For you're light-hearted fix on all things WAFL it's the boys Joel and Josh! East Perth with a big upset victory over the Bulldogs, the Falcons dominant while Subiaco got over the Swans while Perth pipped the Tigers in a thriller. We're joined by an ex-Monday WAFL host Michael Stamp, Josh's tips and plenty more!


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 14


Hello Monday WAFLers!
Tune in for an in-depth look at last weekends games. We discuss Subiaco and South Fremantle's continued dominance, Peel's Fremantle woes and are Perth and East Perth's finals hope still alive?
We talk to the West Australian journalist Dale Miller and who's bottom of the tipping again?
Enjoy and remember to follow us on Twitter and give us a like on Facebook!


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 13


Hey there WAFLers!
We've got a cracker of a show for you this week, we still have members in and out of work placements and Saratsis was tied up this week so it's been taken over by the girls :P
We run through last weeks games and have a chat with the legend Peter Bell and of course cover Birchys' tipping. Hope you enjoy your WA footy fix with this weeks podcast :D


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 12


No WAFL games this weekend...? Well that's OK! Turn that frown upside down because The Monday WAFL is here to get you through your mid-week WAFL-less blues. We discuss the major talking points from last week and have a look forward to this weekend's games when thing kick back up again. A prank is played on Birchy towards the end and it's must-listen material. Enjoy!


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 11


It's a special edition of the Monday WAFL this week, occurring on TUESDAY. For your special edition commemorative mug and scarf contact us via our webpage. This week we look at all the action from round 11, including the drought breaker between Claremont and Swan Districts.


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 10


Come rain, hail or shine, we have delivered another HUGE episode of the Monday WAFL. This week we have a look at the Grand Final re-match between Subi and West Perth as the Falcons ran out winners in a big upset, South Freo continued their winning form as East Freo continue to get stronger. Peel Thunder had a win over East Perth in horrible weather across all the games. We speak to Michael Genovese, Birchy's tip and a look forward to next weeks games.


The Monday WAFL Episode 9


It's that time of the week! Strong Round 9 for the top 4 contenders in the WAFL. Subiaco have been bumped off their top spot by the Bulldogs, we run through the games, an insight report on the Claremont vs Subiaco Breast Cancer Awareness match, and we chat too Sports Journo Nick with a twist...again! Hope you enjoy!


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 8


Get ready Monday WAFL listeners because EPISODE 8 HAS ARRIVED!!! We go through the matches, with an in depth report on the nail biting South Freo vs Claremont game. We also have a chat to 6PR producer and WAFL commentator Ben Cameron and of course there's the tipping. Hope you enjoy it :)


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 7


Another big week in the WAFL meaning another big Monday WAFL Episode. Subiaco beat South Freo in the clash of the top two unbeaten teams while West Perth had a thrilling win over Claremont. Peel thrashed a disappointing Perth while the Sharks had win over the Royals. A new take on an old segment with a look forward to next weeks games!


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 6


It's ANZAC day long weekend and we cover the amazing Freo derby and speak to Matt Jupp from the Sharks. The Bulldogs remain undefeated setting up a huge clash next week with the unbeaten Subi while West Perth, Peel and East Perth all registered wins. We asses THAT Josh Simpson mark, Birchy's tips and loads more! Enjoy!


The Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 5


MASSIVE Show this week. Some big results as both Subiaco and South Fremantle remain undefeated while East Perth got up in the derby and Claremont had a big win against the sharks. We speak to former Eagles star and now WAFL broadcaster Andrew Embley. Birchy's tips and a brand new intro! Enjoy.


Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 4


Another week of WAFL with some big games. Subi had another big win while East Freo beat West Perth. Claremont were surprise losers while East Perth had their first win for the season. We cover all the games and talk to Bridget Lacy from The West Australian. Birchy's tips is back with a look at the ladder and next week's games.


Monday WAFL 2016 Episode 3


HUGE show this week, with some great wins from Perth who dominated Claremont, and Subiaco who took on West Perth in the Grand Final re-match. We speak to Nick Rynne, reporter for The West Australian. Birchy's Tips is back along with a new segment Hot Seat - This week Soph Clapin gets inside access to the Claremont Tigers from one of the players. Have a listen to find out who!


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