Ep 2 2019 - The aftermath of round 1


Monday WAFL Ep 2 for 2019 – The Aftermath of Round 1

Time: 3:40 – Perth Demons Coach Earl Spalding talks:

  • victory against West Coast in their first WAFL fixture
  • making the finals in 2019
  • Which players should be guests on this podcast and why

8:45 – Peel’s star forward Gerald Ugle chats

  • How Peel nearly gave up a 44 point lead
  • Excitement for new teammates
  • Which player is a demon on the dancefloor

13:15 – Haiden Schloithe on

  • A narrow victory over Swans
  • Pre game preparation (float tanks)
  • Who is the team to beat 

16:19 Beau Wardman discusses

  • Taking the reins from Schofield after a perfect year last year
  • What pleased him most about round 1’s win
  • How he is settling into the job

19:15 The Monday Rumble – Weekend Fixturing

  • Should there be more Friday night and Sunday arvo scheduling?